Are Computer Screens Unhealthy for Kids?

baby-at-computerIs Laptop gaming bad for kids?

Children are incredibly smart, and with modern technology they’ve become even smarter. Babies, toddlers, love smartphones, and they quickly come to grips with how the technology works. Some parents find that it’s a good way to get children into digital technology early since they will soon encounter it when they go to school, though it’s more likely they’ll be interested in the latest app before they’re six years old.

But many experts feel that children younger than the age of 2 should not be spending any time near computers, TV or electronic games, and professional hospitals such as the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health says children are being exposed to screens for longer time periods.

Doctors are also concerned because the touchscreen technology means a lazy lifestyle, which isn’t good for the developing brain of a toddler, who should be encouraged to explore their environment, and the doctors are worried about how the touchscreen’s affect the baby’s attention spans and part of the concern is that children need lots of energy since they’re still developing. Experts stress that playing with smartphones, tablets, and laptops is not crawling, walking, climbing and exploring the local environment. Experts worry because being active means the child will not become obese and suffer health problems in the future.

Some experts say there might be a place for the interactive media that encourages adults and children to communicate even as they’re playing, but even they agree that playing passively is not a good move for under two year olds.

Fortunately, there isn’t a need to be afraid because it’s still possible for parents to engage in activities with their children, like taking them to parks, and try to give them alternatives to digital technology. An old toy or a blanket can keep a baby occupied for long periods.

Educational appsMy-Favorite-Educational-Apps

Under 2’s using digital technology don’t really learn essential skills such as language or thinking when they use digital technology, so it becomes easy to believe the screens are teaching the baby something. As they grow older, they’ll learn from the digital technology. Some apps have been designed to build up a baby’s vocabulary and literacy skills. Parents should look for quality apps.
1. Apps that are right for the baby’s age.
2. Make them laugh.
3. Give the child goals that are achievable.
4. Encourages parents to join in.

Well designed content can improve the literacy and math skills and prepare the children for school. The software will need to be tailored to the developmental stage of children prepared to use it. It will also need characters, like in a picture book, for the kids toconnect, and lots of repetition while letting the kid work at their own pace. The apps need to be friendly, not violent or harsh and too overly commercial produce.

Best apps for

Sign and Sing Lite is an app children love to bits. It offers a visual dictionary for pre-speech for babies. The app’s animated characters help the baby, sing along nursery rhymes, and songs like Old MacDonald’s farm, Twinkle,Twinkle Little Star. Parents find their children enjoy using the app and that it peaks their attention.

FunbrainJR is an app featuring number and letter games. “Balloon blowup” is a game where kids pop the balloon with the largest number set, and they connect pipes in alphabetical order in “Heat wave” to fill up a pool. Babies also learn about matching shapes in “Shape Shack,” where they click on the correct picture to fill the pattern.

In the app Kids ABC letters lite, kids can learn their letters in a collection of fun games included. In one of the games kids can play with colorfulsliding puzzle pieces to create words. In another parents can see the benefit as they watch their children learn to recognize letters as they appear in words. The Lite version only covers letters.

Fun for Kids – Puzzles, every child loves puzzles since they develop the brain, and with this app children get to lay puzzles in 4 ways. Each time the puzzle is finished a fun sound is played. Loads of puzzles, excellent graphics and different levels, your child will get to practice their problem solving and motor skills, and they’ll enjoy it as well.


It’s a good idea to always balance out a digital lifestyle, especially for children younger than 2 years old. By just giving them a laptop or a tablet, parents don’t understand they aren’t really learning anything, but by using one of the examplesabove parents can give their child something to make them learn as easily as they would with toys.
Digital technology has become wondrous and has given us an easier life, and with these apps your child can learn and play with new skills provided.

Best Kids Learning Laptops 2015

oregon-trainerComputers can be a great tool for educating children and laptops are great devices that can be used for this purpose. There are a variety of different laptops on the market that have been manufactured specifically for educational use. However, most laptops are not designed specifically for educational purposes. Instead, they must be modified for this purpose.

Asus Transformer Book T100TA

The Asus Transformer Book T100TA is a hybrid Windows 8.1 laptop. This means that the machine can be used as a seperate tablet device or as a PC computer. The machine is outfitted with 1TB of cloud storage, a 2.4 GHz processor and 64 GB of RAM. It has 11 hours of battery life and Micro-USB recharging.

The unit comes equipped with a 5GHz Wi-Fi receiver. Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 is installed on the machine. The keyboard has a trackpad and a USB port. The screen size is large enough to perform most activities but compact enough to carry around without strain.

This type of machine is designed for college and high school students than for elementary and middle school pupils. Since it is a robust machine it can be modified with apps to be adjusted for a young child’s use. Apps for the alphabet, mathematical programs and reading software can all be installed on the device.
Since it has a touch screen, children can use the device to log onto various educational based websites that are used in many schools; to perform education work online. Downloading books, worksheets and learning pages is also another way to get great educational content for this Asus model. The Transformer Book T100TA is a fairly lightweight device since it weighs about 2 pounds.

This laptop is versatile, powerful and very useful for children who are in school. However, most parents should avoid sending this type of device with any child unless they are mature enough to handle it. This device costs $300 and is one of the better laptops on the market for children.

Oregon Scientific PC Trainer 551pefH0tE5L

The Oregon Scientific PC Trainer 5 is a laptop that has been exclusively designed for educating children. The specifications relating to memory, storage and processing speed is not listed since it is an exclusive gaming unit. However, the device has nine different categories that children can select from for learning and discovering information.

There are more than 100 games that children can play and beginning Spanish instruction is also included on the Scientific PC Trainer 5 model. Education games include music, spelling, math and memory. Some games will allow children to test their knowledge against a sibling or friend. The device is lightweight and easy to use. Children as young as 5-years-old can play it with relative ease.

The PC Trainer 5 is best suited for younger children who are in elementary school. The games and grade level work that is pre-installed on the device is not designed for students in middle school and up. Children can use this device to supplement their classroom learning and during summer vacation to help them to retain their knowledge. The Scientific Trainer 5 is priced around $100.

Various Laptop Models for Kidsvtech_nitro_laptop300x400

Keep in mind that most educational laptops have pre-installed games on them and cannot be used for anything else. Parents will also have to replace or giveaway these devices once a child reaches the 5th grade. Educational laptops for kids are great for young learners but they are not versatile and limit what a child can learn. Other great education laptop models for kids includes the VTech Nitro Kids’ Laptop, GeoSafari Kids’ Laptop from Educational Insights and Buzz Lightyear Star Command Laptop.

Also, parents and educators should not forget that regular laptops can always be converted into educational devices for children. While they are more expensive to purchase they are extremely versatile with knowledge that children can modify as they grow older. Regular laptops will also last for many years with proper care because they will not stop being useful as a child matures. Laptops such as Acer C7 Chromebook, 2Go Convertible NL4 Classmate and the Leveno IdeaPad are great laptop models that can be used for educational purposes.

Help Your Kids Learn And Have Fun With Educational PC Games

Crazy-machinesThere is no doubt about it; kids love computer games. Games that teach your child are great because your child will see these games as simply fun and learning should always be fun. It is a strong belief among teachers and experts on educating children that learning should be fun.

It is amazing how fast kids learn, especially when it comes to operating electronic gadgets, such as personal computers, laptops, tablets and smart-phones or any type of mobile phone. Children are like sponges, soaking up all of the information they see, read or hear.

Educational computer games for kids are widely available these days and there are so many to choose from. You can go for the mathematics games, word games, reading games, or even brainteaser type games and that is only the tip of the iceberg. Your child might even enjoy a music game or a game about how things work.

If your child is struggling in a certain area at school, then he or she might benefit from an educational computer game. Some kids have trouble with mathematics and others might struggle with reading or spelling. Once they start playing some of these games and begin to have fun with them, then half of your battle is won. Your child’s focus and memory will improve and some games will inspire creativity. Obviously this depends on what games you choose for your child.

These days teaching staff don’t have time to be as creative as they were twenty years ago. Add to that, they have overcrowded classrooms in many schools. Teaching has become a stressful job for many teachers and principals. Most teachers are brilliant and do the best they can, but there is always more that can be done when it comes to education.

Encouraging your child to have fun while learning is possibly the best thing you could do. Once your child starts playing these games, the incentive to learn and discover more might develop within your child. Most importantly, these computer games will teach your child and learning will become fun for them no matter what. Not to mention the benefits when you child masters these games, their self-esteem will grow and grow and confidence will develop in your child.

Below are three examples of popular educational computer games that many children and parents have given the thumbs up:

Brainiversitydownload (4)

Brainiversity consists of different puzzles that ask your child to match objects and find differences. It is much more than a game, it is a logic test. This game is not geared to any one subject, but instead the method behind it is to keep your child’s mind sharp. You will meet Edison who pops up and follows your child through the game and Edison talks to the player too. It is kind of cute, but some parents get annoyed by it. If you feel annoyed, turn the voice off.

Your child does not get penalized for getting answers wrong, which some parents like as it keeps things positive. But the other side of this is that some kids are tempted to rush through the game to get to more difficult puzzles and that might be a problem for some parents. If you are looking for a game that exercises your child’s mind, this game comes highly recommended.

Crazy MachinesCrazy_Machines_Coverart

Crazy Machines is another logic based game that teaches children how things work. Your kids can set up a board and see what happens when they pull levers and turn gears. This game represents physics and gravity and the basic ideas behind them. One description said that it was akin to a virtual Mythbuster lab with explosives, robots, cause and effect. Your child will be able to experiment with hundreds of different combinations and items. It will suit a child who loves to know how things work, so if that describes your child, you might want to give this one a go.

Hearing Music

This game will teach children how to develop a musical ear. It is not about learning to read music, but more about testing your child to notice differences in a tune. The game will increase in difficulty, as your child will be tested on how well he or she listens back for repetition in the tune or changes in tempo, melody or sound. A really nice feature about Hearing Music is there is a tracker to monitor your child’s progress that only you or a teacher can see. The music used in this game is classical, so you are possibly introducing your child to something that might be new to them; the magic of classical music.

So now you have a little information on educational computer games for kids and a few recommendations above. There are so many learning games for kids available, even the mathematics games are fun. In any case, hopefully this article has been helpful.

Sandtas Windows 8 Laptops Under $300 for the Festive Season!

santa-chimney-laptopWith Christmas right around the corner, Santa is checking his list to see who will get the best gift. Laptops are on the list of toys, for electronics are for every girl and boy. At $300 Santa’s list has become quite long as he knows that this price for a laptop won’t last very long. He has one for Suzie who has lots of friends on social networks where the talking begins and then there is one for Johnny and Sam and Sarah and Molly and also for Pam. Jorge who wants to win at playing games there are laptops galore for heaven sake.


So with this message of Christmas cheer Santa will be packing  laptops with the rest of his gear. The reindeer will rush as his elf’s check the date using their laptops to pull up windows 8. While working the reins Santa will see that his long, long list just wouldn’t be complete without being able to see all the good boys and girls who will be waiting for their laptops from all over the world.

Oh the great joys on all faces as they travel the world via cyber space, to Mar’s or even the moon. Where ever they want, a laptop can be great but as I said before, hurry and don’t be late for $300 and under is a steal and if you don’t hurry this will be a done deal. So many things that you can do, visit a family member or two with just the touch of a button through Skype you all can talk face to face. So on Dasher on Dancer, on Prancer on Vixion, on Comet on Cupid on Donner on Blitzen and heading up the last final call Rudolph get the laptops for under $300 to us all.

Modern Laptops Under $400

Modern-laptopsThere is a lot of talk going on in the tech world concerning laptops and their price. A few years ago, it was impossible to get a really good laptop for under a $1,000. Most top end laptop owners spend closer to $2,000 for their new laptop. Modern technology has certainly improved and his improvement has led to a deduction in the price for a modern laptop. Today, big name computer sites like Engadget and PCMag are still behind in their coverage of the growing market for cheaper laptops despite leading manufacturers offering a plethora of new budget choices. Occasional computer users do not require higher speed laptops with larger hard drives or RAM. Generally, a basic laptop will do for the occasional computer user. Consequently, there are a number of modern laptops under $400 on the market.

Laptops are generally preferred by people who are satisfied with basic computing. In addition, it is super easy to haul the laptop around town. This is certainly true for students and business people that are seen with a laptop stuffed in their backpack or their laptop bag. Laptops are also preferred by people who are concerned about energy. Your average laptop runs on battery power most of the time. A plugged in laptop uses far less energy than a power-packed desktop.

Many people wonder if they should purchase modern laptops under $400. First, let’s state that the cheaper models are not for everyone, especially gamers who prefer a more high powered laptop. Those who would just like to surf the web, listen to their favorite music, stream videos, send emails, or write the next great novel, should invest in the new modern laptops under $400.

Fortunately, the laptop market has improved. Those who are counting their pennies are able to purchase a very affordable laptop. The cheaper laptops are not generic brands produced by an unknown company. They are produced by the big name companies like Dell, Asus, Compaq, HP, and Samsung. Most have a very modern design and comfortable large keyboard. The battery life is also exceptional on some models. The best modern laptops under $400 also have decent size hard drives, plenty of RAM, and dual core processors. Ultimately, the best way to find the most suitable laptop at this price range is to visit a computer store and check out the laptop in person.

Best Cheap Laptops Under $400 on the Market

We’ve explored a lot of different areas of the budget laptop market on this site so far (including a merry jingle from Sandta!) but there’s no point going over the fundamentals unless we get into some serious details as to which cheap laptops are going to really be worth your money.  Everyone is different, and everyone will have different needs, but this doesn’t stop us from picking out a few favorites that it’s seriously hard to go wrong with. Most of these were taken off of LaptopNinja’s cheap laptop review guides.

ASUS X202E-DB21T 11.6-inch Touchscreen LaptopB00CWISC5I_asus_image2_lg

The ASUS X202E-DB21T is an excellent example of touchscreen technology at a dirt cheap price. For many people Windows 8 was a complete failure, but what most don’t seem to serious it that this was mainly due to a lack of touchscreen capabilities for more initial Windows 8 laptops. This bad boy packs some half decent specs and makes for a perfect travel companion and netbook to use for work or entertainment on the fly.

Toshiba Satellite C55D-A5240NR 15-inch Laptopsatellite-c55d-b5160-laptop-amd-dual-core-356009

The C55D-A5240NR is on another end to the scale of the laptop above – it has a large display more suited to heavier entertainment usage as well as dual core processor, a 500GB harddrive, and a Radeon HD 7310 perfect for entry level gaming. While this PC won’t blow you away performance wise, for the price it packs some decent power and unless you are a serious power user it should fulfill most day to day tasks more than fine, with a sneaky game or two thrown in to boot.

Dell Inspiron 15 i15RV-6190BLK Laptop395328-dell-inspiron-15-i15rv-6190-blk

The  15 i15RV-6190BLK  is a bestselling laptop from Dell that has received great reviews for it’s overall design factor and performance. Dell tend to dominate on the design front and for putting together laptops that look and feel great to use. Though it doesn’t quite have the specs of the Toshiba above, this Dell more than makes up for it just in terms of raw design flare and quality of finish.

These are just a few of the great laptops on offer for under $400 one can find if you do a little digging – last but not least be sure to put in the time and effort to make sure that the laptop you choose is right for you, as there’s nothing worse than a disappointing purchase!

Entertainment Laptops Under $400

ASUS-entertainmentA laptop that costs under $400 is a great option for you if you are not looking for a power house electronic. There are models that are high quality and have the appropriate speed for delivering daily tasks including browsing and doing work. These multimedia laptops are designed for entertainment purposes like watching films on DVDs or Netflix, playing games, watching videos on YouTube and Internet browsing. Detailed information about 6 inexpensive entertainment laptops is below.

The Dell Inspiron 15 i15RV-6190BLKis one of the best laptops under $400. It has a beautiful and sleek design and it is only 1 inch thin. This model is easy to carry around because it weighs only 4.96 pounds. It has a 15-inch display, HD resolution and a glossy panel. The display is ideal for entertainment and daily activities.

The Samsung Series 3 Chromebook runs a Google Chrome web browser. It is a slim, light, inexpensive and long-lasting little laptop. This model is very secure due to the fact that it only runs a web browser. The price is about $300.

The Lenovo B575 14-inch laptop is packed with many exciting features including a 1.65-GHz AMD Dual-Core E-450 processor, 4GB of RAM and a 320GB HDD. This model has a fantastic dedicated numeric keypad. The price is around $300.

Toshiba recently introduced its Satellite NB15t laptop which has a clutch style design that resembles a small woman’s purse. Some of the features include an Intel Celeron N2810 dual-core processor, an 11-inch touch screen and 500 gigabytes of hard drive storage. This device is also Skype-certified. It costs $379

In July 2013 HP introduced the Pavilion 14-c010us for $329. Their Chromebook is currently selling for $279 after an instant rebate on It is popular because you do not have to invest in expensive software and it is very lightweight.

The Asus – 15.6″ Laptop is $250. The 4GB Memory features a high-speed wireless LAN for easy access to streaming the Web. The 500GB hard drive provides plenty of space for storing your media. An Intel Core i3 processor features smart 4-way processing performance for HD quality computing.