Are Computer Screens Unhealthy for Kids?

baby-at-computerIs Laptop gaming bad for kids?

Children are incredibly smart, and with modern technology they’ve become even smarter. Babies, toddlers, love smartphones, and they quickly come to grips with how the technology works. Some parents find that it’s a good way to get children into digital technology early since they will soon encounter it when they go to school, though it’s more likely they’ll be interested in the latest app before they’re six years old.

But many experts feel that children younger than the age of 2 should not be spending any time near computers, TV or electronic games, and professional hospitals such as the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health says children are being exposed to screens for longer time periods.

Doctors are also concerned because the touchscreen technology means a lazy lifestyle, which isn’t good for the developing brain of a toddler, who should be encouraged to explore their environment, and the doctors are worried about how the touchscreen’s affect the baby’s attention spans and part of the concern is that children need lots of energy since they’re still developing. Experts stress that playing with smartphones, tablets, and laptops is not crawling, walking, climbing and exploring the local environment. Experts worry because being active means the child will not become obese and suffer health problems in the future.

Some experts say there might be a place for the interactive media that encourages adults and children to communicate even as they’re playing, but even they agree that playing passively is not a good move for under two year olds.

Fortunately, there isn’t a need to be afraid because it’s still possible for parents to engage in activities with their children, like taking them to parks, and try to give them alternatives to digital technology. An old toy or a blanket can keep a baby occupied for long periods.

Educational appsMy-Favorite-Educational-Apps

Under 2’s using digital technology don’t really learn essential skills such as language or thinking when they use digital technology, so it becomes easy to believe the screens are teaching the baby something. As they grow older, they’ll learn from the digital technology. Some apps have been designed to build up a baby’s vocabulary and literacy skills. Parents should look for quality apps.
1. Apps that are right for the baby’s age.
2. Make them laugh.
3. Give the child goals that are achievable.
4. Encourages parents to join in.

Well designed content can improve the literacy and math skills and prepare the children for school. The software will need to be tailored to the developmental stage of children prepared to use it. It will also need characters, like in a picture book, for the kids toconnect, and lots of repetition while letting the kid work at their own pace. The apps need to be friendly, not violent or harsh and too overly commercial produce.

Best apps for

Sign and Sing Lite is an app children love to bits. It offers a visual dictionary for pre-speech for babies. The app’s animated characters help the baby, sing along nursery rhymes, and songs like Old MacDonald’s farm, Twinkle,Twinkle Little Star. Parents find their children enjoy using the app and that it peaks their attention.

FunbrainJR is an app featuring number and letter games. “Balloon blowup” is a game where kids pop the balloon with the largest number set, and they connect pipes in alphabetical order in “Heat wave” to fill up a pool. Babies also learn about matching shapes in “Shape Shack,” where they click on the correct picture to fill the pattern.

In the app Kids ABC letters lite, kids can learn their letters in a collection of fun games included. In one of the games kids can play with colorfulsliding puzzle pieces to create words. In another parents can see the benefit as they watch their children learn to recognize letters as they appear in words. The Lite version only covers letters.

Fun for Kids – Puzzles, every child loves puzzles since they develop the brain, and with this app children get to lay puzzles in 4 ways. Each time the puzzle is finished a fun sound is played. Loads of puzzles, excellent graphics and different levels, your child will get to practice their problem solving and motor skills, and they’ll enjoy it as well.


It’s a good idea to always balance out a digital lifestyle, especially for children younger than 2 years old. By just giving them a laptop or a tablet, parents don’t understand they aren’t really learning anything, but by using one of the examplesabove parents can give their child something to make them learn as easily as they would with toys.
Digital technology has become wondrous and has given us an easier life, and with these apps your child can learn and play with new skills provided.

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