Best Kids Learning Laptops 2015

oregon-trainerComputers can be a great tool for educating children and laptops are great devices that can be used for this purpose. There are a variety of different laptops on the market that have been manufactured specifically for educational use. However, most laptops are not designed specifically for educational purposes. Instead, they must be modified for this purpose.

Asus Transformer Book T100TA

The Asus Transformer Book T100TA is a hybrid Windows 8.1 laptop. This means that the machine can be used as a seperate tablet device or as a PC computer. The machine is outfitted with 1TB of cloud storage, a 2.4 GHz processor and 64 GB of RAM. It has 11 hours of battery life and Micro-USB recharging.

The unit comes equipped with a 5GHz Wi-Fi receiver. Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 is installed on the machine. The keyboard has a trackpad and a USB port. The screen size is large enough to perform most activities but compact enough to carry around without strain.

This type of machine is designed for college and high school students than for elementary and middle school pupils. Since it is a robust machine it can be modified with apps to be adjusted for a young child’s use. Apps for the alphabet, mathematical programs and reading software can all be installed on the device.
Since it has a touch screen, children can use the device to log onto various educational based websites that are used in many schools; to perform education work online. Downloading books, worksheets and learning pages is also another way to get great educational content for this Asus model. The Transformer Book T100TA is a fairly lightweight device since it weighs about 2 pounds.

This laptop is versatile, powerful and very useful for children who are in school. However, most parents should avoid sending this type of device with any child unless they are mature enough to handle it. This device costs $300 and is one of the better laptops on the market for children.

Oregon Scientific PC Trainer 551pefH0tE5L

The Oregon Scientific PC Trainer 5 is a laptop that has been exclusively designed for educating children. The specifications relating to memory, storage and processing speed is not listed since it is an exclusive gaming unit. However, the device has nine different categories that children can select from for learning and discovering information.

There are more than 100 games that children can play and beginning Spanish instruction is also included on the Scientific PC Trainer 5 model. Education games include music, spelling, math and memory. Some games will allow children to test their knowledge against a sibling or friend. The device is lightweight and easy to use. Children as young as 5-years-old can play it with relative ease.

The PC Trainer 5 is best suited for younger children who are in elementary school. The games and grade level work that is pre-installed on the device is not designed for students in middle school and up. Children can use this device to supplement their classroom learning and during summer vacation to help them to retain their knowledge. The Scientific Trainer 5 is priced around $100.

Various Laptop Models for Kidsvtech_nitro_laptop300x400

Keep in mind that most educational laptops have pre-installed games on them and cannot be used for anything else. Parents will also have to replace or giveaway these devices once a child reaches the 5th grade. Educational laptops for kids are great for young learners but they are not versatile and limit what a child can learn. Other great education laptop models for kids includes the VTech Nitro Kids’ Laptop, GeoSafari Kids’ Laptop from Educational Insights and Buzz Lightyear Star Command Laptop.

Also, parents and educators should not forget that regular laptops can always be converted into educational devices for children. While they are more expensive to purchase they are extremely versatile with knowledge that children can modify as they grow older. Regular laptops will also last for many years with proper care because they will not stop being useful as a child matures. Laptops such as Acer C7 Chromebook, 2Go Convertible NL4 Classmate and the Leveno IdeaPad are great laptop models that can be used for educational purposes.

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