Help Your Kids Learn And Have Fun With Educational PC Games

Crazy-machinesThere is no doubt about it; kids love computer games. Games that teach your child are great because your child will see these games as simply fun and learning should always be fun. It is a strong belief among teachers and experts on educating children that learning should be fun.

It is amazing how fast kids learn, especially when it comes to operating electronic gadgets, such as personal computers, laptops, tablets and smart-phones or any type of mobile phone. Children are like sponges, soaking up all of the information they see, read or hear.

Educational computer games for kids are widely available these days and there are so many to choose from. You can go for the mathematics games, word games, reading games, or even brainteaser type games and that is only the tip of the iceberg. Your child might even enjoy a music game or a game about how things work.

If your child is struggling in a certain area at school, then he or she might benefit from an educational computer game. Some kids have trouble with mathematics and others might struggle with reading or spelling. Once they start playing some of these games and begin to have fun with them, then half of your battle is won. Your child’s focus and memory will improve and some games will inspire creativity. Obviously this depends on what games you choose for your child.

These days teaching staff don’t have time to be as creative as they were twenty years ago. Add to that, they have overcrowded classrooms in many schools. Teaching has become a stressful job for many teachers and principals. Most teachers are brilliant and do the best they can, but there is always more that can be done when it comes to education.

Encouraging your child to have fun while learning is possibly the best thing you could do. Once your child starts playing these games, the incentive to learn and discover more might develop within your child. Most importantly, these computer games will teach your child and learning will become fun for them no matter what. Not to mention the benefits when you child masters these games, their self-esteem will grow and grow and confidence will develop in your child.

Below are three examples of popular educational computer games that many children and parents have given the thumbs up:

Brainiversitydownload (4)

Brainiversity consists of different puzzles that ask your child to match objects and find differences. It is much more than a game, it is a logic test. This game is not geared to any one subject, but instead the method behind it is to keep your child’s mind sharp. You will meet Edison who pops up and follows your child through the game and Edison talks to the player too. It is kind of cute, but some parents get annoyed by it. If you feel annoyed, turn the voice off.

Your child does not get penalized for getting answers wrong, which some parents like as it keeps things positive. But the other side of this is that some kids are tempted to rush through the game to get to more difficult puzzles and that might be a problem for some parents. If you are looking for a game that exercises your child’s mind, this game comes highly recommended.

Crazy MachinesCrazy_Machines_Coverart

Crazy Machines is another logic based game that teaches children how things work. Your kids can set up a board and see what happens when they pull levers and turn gears. This game represents physics and gravity and the basic ideas behind them. One description said that it was akin to a virtual Mythbuster lab with explosives, robots, cause and effect. Your child will be able to experiment with hundreds of different combinations and items. It will suit a child who loves to know how things work, so if that describes your child, you might want to give this one a go.

Hearing Music

This game will teach children how to develop a musical ear. It is not about learning to read music, but more about testing your child to notice differences in a tune. The game will increase in difficulty, as your child will be tested on how well he or she listens back for repetition in the tune or changes in tempo, melody or sound. A really nice feature about Hearing Music is there is a tracker to monitor your child’s progress that only you or a teacher can see. The music used in this game is classical, so you are possibly introducing your child to something that might be new to them; the magic of classical music.

So now you have a little information on educational computer games for kids and a few recommendations above. There are so many learning games for kids available, even the mathematics games are fun. In any case, hopefully this article has been helpful.

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